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    Default Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc

    Is anyone a member of Goodreads or LibraryThing?

    I've been on Goodreads for awhile now. I mostly use it to find books, get series lists, read reviews and keep track of books I've read. They allow you to add books and add tags to categorize your shelf. They also have some groups I'm part of for historical romances, etc. I prefer it to LibraryThing. I used to have my stuff on there, but switched.

    I've also found it helpful to discover to find books, if I don't know the author or title (or only part of the title). I'll just go into Google and search what I know with "goodreads" added to the phrase/title/etc I'm searching. Nearly everytime I'll turn up the book or series I'm looking for. (So example, I'd search - blood moon goodreads and see two possible books, one of which may be the one I'm looking for).
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